This is the Application Programmable Interface used to interact with the Alternative Strategy Advisers system.

Alternative Strategy Advisers LLC

Alternative Strategy Advisers LLC (ASA) is a boutique fixed income money manager focusing on niche sectors of the Municipal Bond and Private/Whole Loan markets. Our clients include institutions (Insurance Companies, Family Offices, and Funds) as well as high net worth individuals. In the municipal market, we offer our clients customized portfolios which we manage in either a managed account structure or in the form of an ASA Fund. We have a proven track record of implementing trading strategies, systems and infrastructure successfully. ASA is committed to delivering not only superior risk-adjusted returns to its investors, but also the highest level of client service, transparency, and timely delivery of information.


In todays world, not only is information becoming more and more important, but the demand for speed at which it is delivered is also increasing dramatically. This API allows us to keep ahead of that demand. It provides access to data when it is needed, not when we wish to deliver it. It also lets us provide other organizations with various tools that we use internally which facilitates collaboration.